Will and His Colors

There once was a boy called Will. A tiny boy who could see colours better than anyone else. On one faithful day, Will went out to the streets. As usual, streaks of colours fluttered above every human head, the whole spectrum, filling up his vision.

There’s a bright yellow, bright enough to beat the sun. There’s fiery red, hot and vivid like fire. Right besides a soothing green was a sad blue, its hue barely visible and tinted gray, flowing limbly towards the sky as if it’s trying to reach for help and on the verge of giving up. Will traced it down to find a little girl in tattered clothes, her hair riddled with knots, sitting on a sidewalk all alone.

Will ran across the street and plopped down beside her to share his sandwich. The girl thanked Will, a total delight rich from her tone of voice and Will looked up to see the greyish blue transformed into a happy hue of yellow. He smiled at the change. But that only lasted a moment, for in the sky, he saw something so terrifying he dropped his part of sandwich. A pillar of black pushed through the ocean of colours. It is dark, very dark, and like a monster, it devours other colours like a black hole would.

Eaten by his curiosity, Will followed the obsidian trail up in the sky, like a moth to a flame. He thought he would be going a bit farther, but it ended in front of a ruddy apartment, where big group of older girls were laughing just outside. A big blob of warm orange floated above, but it was poisoned by black in the middle of it.

For the first time, Will questioned his own eyes. He had never seen a colour so sad, so angry and frustrated.he started to wonder what on earth would cause such emotion.

A blond-haired girl with sparkly eyes caught Will’s eyes. She said something funny and the whole group laughed along with her. She had the brightest smile, Will thought as he saw his cheeks blossomed. The teenagers started to hug each other and bid their good-byes. Then slowly, they went their separate ways, and the orange was sliced into purples and greys, colors of somber feelings. Only the pretty blond woman was left standing watching her friends go, all alone on the steps leading to a tall building behind her, her smile still there.

With the tall pillar of darkness right above her yellow head.

What? Will thought, not understanding one bit.

The lady turned around and went inside the building, greeting everybody with a smile, while the black cloud trailed behind her like a ghost. Will started asking if there was something wrong with his eyes.

She made her way to the stairs, and when she realize nobody was around, she hurried along the last steps and through the hallway, her steps thumped hard against the wooden floor. She fumbled for a card, ripped open a door and slammed it shut.

Will ran up to door number four-two-six and pressed his ear close to the wood. He heard nothing, which confused him even more.

He was about to peel his ear off and get out of there when he heard it. A thud right against the door and somebody sliding down to the floor. Then a little sob escaped through the white wooden plank of the door. A few more followed, each one more painful than the last. ‘I’m so sick of this,’ croacked the lady. There’s no lie in her voice. Will imagined tears streaming down like waterfalls, because after that she blows her nose hard a few times. ‘I’m a mess. I can barely even think.’ More cries flew out her. She sounded so desperate, and full of sorrow, that it was hurting Will, too. ‘God, i’m so pathetic. So hopeless. No wonder everybody hates me.’ The last few words were choked out and she cried some more.

Didn’t she see what I saw? Will said inside his head.

She banged her head against the door, trying to ease the pain, to relieve the stress. The blackness that defined her misery pulsed with every tired breath she took, feeding off from her depression like an evil leech.

Will knocked on the door a few times. The crying immediately stopped and there were foot steps. More blowing into tissues. Silence.

And then she opened her door. She was holding a tissue on her free hand, and another was stuck to her hair. Her eyes were puffy and they stood out like they were bitten by bees. Her nose was red, and her cheeks were red as well. Streaks of tears made their way down to her chins. And around her, the colour black as dark as midnight, ready to eat her whole. The lady was struggling to breath normally, like she had hiccups.

‘Do you want a hug?’ He asked, for he was concerned about her. She kneeled down, and she still had the initiative to try to smile for him. ‘A-are you lost, little guy? Do you know y-‘
Will put his arms around her, and he held tight, eishing for the blackness to go away. After a few moments of shock, she hugged him back and Will felt a few drops on his clothes. ‘You are going to be okay, older lady.’ Said Will and she hugged him tighter and the tears came faster. Will looked up and saw the storm was gone, even though just the tiny bit of it. The darkness calmed down, and the slightest tinge of magenta emerge in the sea of black.

‘Thank you.’

Her gratitude echoed through the halls.




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